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Our specialized programs were developed to provide reliable solutions that assist patients with complex diagnosis within a home setting. Physicians and patients look to us for a multi-disciplinary approach designed to assess and manage everything from chronic health conditions to orthopedic rehabilitation. Our patient-focused commitment advocates for our clients so they receive the best individualized treatment and achieve a higher quality of life.

Heart Strong

Detailed multi-disciplinary assessment, observation, and education for management of disease related symptoms and medications. Telehealth monitoring system provides an in home multi-health system assessment and reporting system designed for the management of chronic health conditions. Read more

Breathe Strong

Multidisciplinary approach to the care and treatment of both acute and chronic pulmonary diseases. Read more


Care, education, and lifestyle analysis to assist a client in achieving a full and active life while managing diabetes. Read more

Care Transitions

Linking the Gap provides assistance in coordinating a smooth transition to an alternate living situation, and individualized care planning to decrease re-hospitalization and achieve maximum recovery potential.

Behavioral Health

Specialty trained Behavioral Health Nurses provide skilled assessment and observation, medication management, and short-term counseling. Individualized care plan designed to increase a client’s functioning ability. Read more

Low Vision

Develops strategies for achieving an individual’s functional goals through adapting their environment and reducing limitations resulting from loss of vision. Read more


Focused treatment through a qualified specialist that alleviates the chronic pain, swelling, and decreased mobility associated with lymphedema. Read more

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Detailed clinical evaluation and individualized care plan assists the client in improving strength, mobility, and ADL independence. Read more

Distinguished Senior Living Concepts

The “4 C’s”:
  • Coordination: Provide a coordination of services
  • Continuity: Provide clients with consistent caregivers
  • Communication: Your staff will be kept informed on the status of our patients living in your community
  • Community Resources: Assist your community in meetings its goals
Read more

Safe Ways Fall Prevention

Comprehensive, multi-factorial fall prevention program designed to identify fall risk factors and provide customized treatment plans to improve safety and independence. Read more

Wound Care

Clinical wound care team coordinates wound care treatment as well as management of comorbidities affecting wound healing and skin integrity. Read more

Health Education

One of the most important steps on the path to healing is understanding your disease or condition, how to best manage it, and what steps are necessary to return to full wellness. At Millenium Home Health Care, our health education programs combine nationally recognized educational resources with professionally trained home care specialists. Each patient admitted into the program will receive a disease specific, Step by Step Guide to Better Health Booklet. The learning objectives in the booklet coincide with the daily visit goals of the nurse, to create a clinical and educational pathway that will guide the nurse and patient through the home health episode. Read more

Dedication to Compliance

Millenium Home Health Care is committed to providing quality care to our patients and is always striving to ensure an ethical and compassionate approach to health care delivery.

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