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Regina Burke-Colbert: Her Transformation was Amazing

Millenium Home Care Among the Top HomeCare Elite Agencies Regina Burke-Colbert, a 63-year-old retired school teacher from Philadelphia, was out for a walk in August, 2016, when she fell off a curb in a freak accident. The fall left her with a head injury, broken wrist, and severe bruises and scrapes on her face and body. She was admitted to the hospital for evaluation and treatment, where she needed a CAT scan because of her head injuries. The hospital staff found a meningioma (tumor) of the brain. Regina needed brain surgery to remove the tumor, which was, thankfully, benign.

Her team from Millenium Home Health Care was amazed by her incredible transformation – from brain surgery and serious injuries in August to becoming completely self-sufficient again by December.

"The patient was pretty sick when we started treating her. She had just had brain surgery, she had a broken right wrist, and she was covered in bruises and scrapes," said Patricia Bradley, R.N., the Millenium Home Health Care nurse that worked with Regina at her home.

Jim Colbert, Regina’s husband, was overwhelmed when the hospital discharged Regina, just 48 hours after her brain surgery.

"It was really tough," Jim explained. "No one gave us any instructions or told us what to expect. The Millenium nurse, Pat, walked in, explained everything, developed a plan, and we weren’t overwhelmed anymore."

In the beginning, Regina was completely dependent on others to help with her care. She couldn’t get out of bed on her own, and she couldn’t use a cane because of injuries to both hands.

"Regina progressed from walking just a few steps to gradually walking across the room and then across her house," explained Carolyn Engdahl, Regina’s physical therapist.

Normally an independent woman, Regina worried that life as she knew it was over. After the fall, she couldn’t do much for herself, which was frustrating, but the entire Millenium team encouraged and supported Regina as she regained her independence and self-confidence.

"Her transformation was amazing. After working hard at her therapy, she could walk again. She was back to cooking, cleaning, and using both arms again," explained Victoria Adjekpiyede, Regina’s occupational therapist. "She even said her handwriting was better than it had been before her therapy! She was very grateful for everything that we did, and she was so happy with her results."

I want to thank Millenium Home Health Care for your wonderful help getting my wife, Regina Burke-Colbert, back to health after a terrible fall and brain surgery in August. She was released from hospital 48 hours after brain surgery and I never could have cared for her without your help. Pat Bradley, RN, gave aid and comfort, both physical and mental. Carolyn, her physical therapist, was key in getting her walking again SAFELY. Roseline, her Nurses’ Aide brought deep experience, enthusiasm and compassion on every visit. Most of all, Victoria, her occupational therapist, was unstoppable with her unlimited problem solving and broad knowledge. Victoria made us more comfortable and less fearful from her first visit until her last. We love you all and are deeply thankful to the entire team, including the helpful office staff. - Jim Colbert

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