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Millenium Provides Winning Solution, Partnership Prevents Hospital Re-Admissions

Millenium Home Care Among the Top HomeCare Elite Agencies Millenium Home Health Care offers a valuable solution in the continuum of care – an episodic, transitional option for patients who were discharged to their home, but are temporarily too sick to travel to their physicians’ offices for medical treatment. This transition program bridges the gap, providing high-quality home health care from the time patients are discharged from the hospital or long-term care facility, until they are strong enough to go back to their physicians’ offices.

This innovative transition program is a winning solution for patients, who receive high-quality medical assessments and treatment at home. Often, the programs’ experienced Nurse Practitioners are able to diagnose, treat and manage patients’ health conditions before the issues get worse, preventing the patients from needing re-hospitalization.
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Regina Burke-Colbert: Her Transformation was Amazing

Millenium Home Care Among the Top HomeCare Elite Agencies Regina Burke-Colbert, a 63-year-old retired school teacher from Philadelphia, was out for a walk in August, 2016, when she fell off a curb in a freak accident. The fall left her with a head injury, broken wrist, and severe bruises and scrapes on her face and body. She was admitted to the hospital for evaluation and treatment, where she needed a CAT scan because of her head injuries. The hospital staff found a meningioma (tumor) of the brain. Regina needed brain surgery to remove the tumor, which was, thankfully, benign.

Her team from Millenium Home Health Care was amazed by her incredible transformation – from brain surgery and serious injuries in August to becoming completely self-sufficient again by December.
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Mobility and Confidence Restored

Millenium Home Care Among the Top HomeCare Elite Agencies Betty Jean, 59, of Ellendale, DE, was going to work in February 2015 when she accidentally tripped over a cord in her driveway and hit her head against her SUV. The impact of her fall was so severe, it caused a spinal cord injury that left her paralyzed from the neck down.

Betty was hospitalized for her injuries and spent the next five months at Bryn Mawr Rehabilitation in Pennsylvania. She received physical and occupational therapy at Bryn Mawr and Life Care at Lofland Park Rehabilitation and was progressing in her treatment, but she remained unable to walk, feed herself, get dressed, or maneuver a wheelchair unassisted.
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A Home Care Miracle

Millenium Home Care Among the Top HomeCare Elite Agencies I hoped for the best, but what transpired over the weeks that followed through the services of Millenium Home Care was almost a miracle.”

For the next five weeks, Millenium Home Care nurses worked together to regulate Theo’s medications and blood pressure and oversaw a regiment of physical, speech and occupational therapies that helped regain his balance and strength.

“He really rallied in the most amazing way,” says Deb Hoke, the Millenium Home Care nurse who managed Theo’s care. “He went from wheelchair-bound to getting around with almost no assistance. When we discharged him, he could walk in and out of his home, which has 13 stairs at the entry. The change in him was miraculous.”
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Other Testimonials

Mrs K. - “Kim is brilliant! She always goes the extra mile for my husband”

April S. - “I would not be where I am in my treatment if it weren’t from Kim”

Dr. C. - “We love Stephanie. She is very thorough”

Catherine N. “I would like to thank you all for the wonderful care that was given to my mother. You all helped through a very trying time. Mom especially looked forward to Lisa her Physical Therapist. Because of Lisa my Mom is doing well in her own home. Lisa gave her the confidence she needed to get better. Thank you again to Angel’s Touch for all the help and support.”

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