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Millenium Home Health Care has always been committed to providing quality care to our patients. As part of this commitment, we strive to ensure an ethical and compassionate approach to health care delivery. Millenium Home Health Care enjoys the reputation for delivering the highest levels of patient care with the highest level of integrity. In order to maintain and grow this reputation, all of our staff and administrators must understand and embrace all of the principles and obligations of Millenium Home Health Care's Corporate Compliance Program.

Millenium Home Health Care's business operations and other activities are subject to a number of legal and regulatory requirements. It is our policy that all of our business and other activities be conducted at all times in strict compliance with all applicable laws and regulations of the federal and state jurisdictions in which Millenium Home Health Care conducts such activities, as well as high standards for ethical business conduct. The legal and regulatory requirements applicable to Millenium Home Health Care's activities are typically complex and may be subject to qualification by numerous exceptions, refinements and nuances and, in certain areas, Millenium Home Health Care has for business and/or regulatory reasons, adopted policies and procedures that may impose requirements beyond those mandated by applicable laws and regulations.
HIPPA Commitment to Compliance Privacy Practice