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Our Medicare service professionals and aides personify Millenium's tenets of a patient focus that is personal and professional. They bring with them years of experience both in the homes of patients and in many distinguished health care institutions, and years of academic training and achievement.

Skilled Nursing - All patients are assessed by Skilled Clinicians who develop a Plan of Care in accordance with the patient's physician orders. The nurse will bring together all that the patient requires to fulfill their goal toward wellness and independence. This might include skilled nursing, therapies, social work and aide service. The nurse may order home medical equipment if needed. The nurse can administer medications and perform treatments (short-term). Other services might include wound dressing and other specialized care if required. The nurse will supervise the care provided by the patient's team, educate patients and families regarding how to care when Millenium is not present and, importantly, communicate with and advise the physician of the patient's progress.

Physical Therapy - If therapy is required, for example after surgery, an accident or other disability, the Physical Therapist will conduct an assessment and provide physical therapy treatments to promote optimal wellness and to supervise care. A Physical Therapist also assists a patient to correct strength and balance problems that have made it difficult for a patient to walk or to access their bed, toilet or furniture. A Physical Therapist, like a Registered Nurse, may manage the care team.

Occupational Therapy - An Occupational Therapist assists a patient to relearn independent self-care in areas such as dressing, grooming, feeding and much more. This therapist patiently and professionally helps a patient to once again perform everyday tasks by themselves.

Speech Pathology - A Speech and Language Therapist or Pathologist helps their patient regain the ability to communicate, often following a cardio-vascular accident (CVA). They may also assist in overcoming other related disabilities such as a swallowing dysfunction which can affect diet.

Medical Social Worker - A master's prepared Medical Social Worker brings years of experience helping patients to access all that the community may offer them in their current situation. The social worker also counsels patients for psycho-social problems related to an injury or disability, including advice for accessing legal and some financial assistance.

Home Health Aides - These paraprofessionals have been carefully trained and certified, and assist their patient in activities of daily living (ADLs) under the supervision of a Registered Nurse or Physical Therapist. ADLs may include eating, walking, getting into and out of bed, toileting, and personal grooming such as bathing and much more.

Referral for medical equipment needs is carried out by the Registered Nurse or Physical Therapist who manages the home health care team.

Millenium Home Health Care also offers Personal, In-Home Support and Private Duty Services in some regions.


Home health care services may be paid for by Medicare, managed care organizations (with which Millenium Home Health Care and its individual Family of Providers may have a contract for care, with a pre-determined price structure); MediGap and Medicaid. Please speak to a representative for more information.

Millenium Home Health Care's Non-Discrimination Policy: Millenium Home Health Care and its Family of Providers admit and treat all patients on the basis of a reasonable expectation that the patient's medical, nursing, and social needs can be met in the patient's place of residence without regard to race, age, sex, color, handicap, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, medical condition or marital status. EOE
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