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All skilled services of Millenium Home Health Care and their Family of Providers are Medicare-certified and accredited by ACHC (the Accreditation Commission for Health Care).

ACHC has been providing accreditation for more than 20 years and is firmly committed to requiring what is right and best for the patient. The following are ACHC's CORE Tenets:

CORE Purpose: To help our customers succeed.

CORE Mission: To support healthcare organizations and providers in optimizing wellness through standards that promote the effective, efficient delivery of quality services and products.

CORE Values: Integrity ... Innovation ... Enhancing Outcomes ... Excellence in all Things ... Flexibility without Compromising Quality ... Concern for the Entire Healthcare Continuum...

Quality Policy: The Accreditation Commission for Health Care is committed to developing and improving health care accreditation programs and services, meeting customer and regulatory requirements, enhancing employee skills and efficiencies, continual improvement of our quality management systems and processes, sustained fiscal growth and improved market presence.

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